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Comments on the study program

Are you unsure whether the study program business chemistry is the right one for you? With the help of the following impressions of students, graduates and companies, we would like to make your decision easier.

For Brenntag, the course of study in business chemistry is an ideal symbiosis of two highly complex courses of study that perfectly reflect Brenntag's business model. This course of study is so well suited to Brenntag that we give preference to business chemists in our trainee programme and have tailored the programme to their needs.

Sven Dietze, HR Manager at Brenntag AG

I was fascinated by business chemistry, because you can not only answer the question "How does this actually work chemically?", but also the question "How can you finance and market research at all?" Furthermore, this course of study offers numerous perspectives and opportunities for specialisation in order to become a specialist or all-rounder.

Fabian Schröer, M.Sc., Graduate business chemistry Master, PhD student at the Institute of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry Department of Colloidal Bioadhesion

Business chemists combine an understanding of natural and business management problems. By combining two fundamentally different fields of study, business chemists also develop the ability to familiarise themselves very quickly with different projects and thus to work in a dynamic industry and company environment.

André Hemmelder, current student, 3rd semester M.Sc. business chemistry

Business chemistry combines two fields - business administration and natural sciences. A broadly based bachelor's program offers the opportunity to specialize and set your own priorities already with the bachelor's thesis, but especially with the master's. This results in a wide range of opportunities for the subsequent professional life.

Ole Schlottmann, student, 2nd semester B.Sc. business chemistry

If you want to learn more than just theory in your studies, but also want to supplement this with practical experience in the laboratory, the business chemistry course is the right choice for you. In addition, the combination of chemistry and business studies makes the course of studies very varied. You get to know different perspectives and feel at home in two worlds.

Jamie Hoinkis, student, 4th semester B.Sc. business chemistry

As the business chemistry program in Düsseldorf is a comparatively small study program, there is very good networking among the students. We know each other and stand through more strenuous times together. If you are looking for a challenging course of study with lots of nice people and very good contact with your teachers, you have come to the right place.

Vivien Deschka, student, 6th semester B.Sc. business chemistry

The study program in Business Chemistry in its concept and process at HHU is unique in Germany and offers many advantages. One of these advantages is the affiliation with two faculties and the opportunities associated with it.

Christina Noffke, M.Sc., Graduate business chemistry Master

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