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Institutes and chairs

HHU is divided into five faculties, which are all united on campus. As one of the numerous interdisciplinary study programmes, business chemistry is jointly supported by two faculties: the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

Scientific institution of chemistry

With 19 professors and approximately 1,500 students, the department of chemistry is considered to be one of the important fields at the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The "Scientific Institution of chemistry" at HHU is closely networked with the Research Centre Jülich in research and teaching.

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at HHU is one of the youngest faculties in Germany and - measured by the number of students and lecturers - is one of the smaller faculties in Germany. These somewhat different conditions allow the faculty to cultivate its own style of research and study and thus to practice a modern, contemporary form of universitas. More than 40 professors ensure a diverse range of courses in the fields of business administration and economics.


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