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Module examinations

Do you have questions about the study programme in business chemistry? Here you will find some questions and answers for prospective students and students of business chemistry.

Your question remains unanswered? Then please feel free to reach out to the contacts for the study programme in business chemistry. 

You can register for exams via the student portal under exam registration. 

On the exam registration page, click on "new exam registration" and register for the desired exam. After successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your university email.

Please make sure that you register on time during the registration period.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Mr. Bräutigam.

Withdrawing from an examination is done via the student portal under examination registrations. 

All exams for which registration has taken place are listed on the exam registrations page. Under the column "Status", the option "withdraw" can be selected. After successful withdrawal, a confirmation email will be sent to your university email.

 Please make sure that you withdraw in due time.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Mr. Bräutigam.

A withdrawal due to illness must be immediately proven to the Student and Examination Administration by means of a medical certificate.
In case of questions, the office of the examination board or that of the student and examination administration (for business chemistry Mr. Bräutigam) must be contacted immediately and as a matter of priority.

According to §63 (7) of the University Act, a medical certificate stating that the student is unable to take the examination is sufficient. Only if there is sufficient factual evidence to assume that an inability to take an examination is probable or that other evidence is appropriate, is the university entitled to demand a medical certificate from a university medical officer at its own expense.

You will find further information and forms for the medical certificate below.

The final examinations are offered in the first three weeks of the lecture-free period of the corresponding semester. Students must register for these at the examination office by the deadline. The dates are announced in lectures or, especially for business studies, a few weeks beforehand by the examination board. The repeat examination in case of failure is offered in the first week of the new semester. The second repeat examination corresponds to the regular final examination in the next cycle.

A failed module examination can be repeated twice. In a maximum of two different modules, which are assigned to the subject chemistry according to § 2 Para. 3, the candidate is allowed one additional repetition of the module examination upon application to the examination board. A further repetition of this module examination is explicitly excluded. While the application for an additional repetition of the module examination in a first module is possible at any time, an additional repetition of the module examination in a second module may only be applied for if the candidate has acquired at least 100 ECTS credit points at the time when the student has failed a module examination in a second module for the third time.

Further information can be found in the examination regulations.

Whether alone in the library or together with a study group in the self-study centre, there is no getting around studying. Especially when the exams are approaching. In order to make the exam phase less stressful and to complete the exams more successfully, some tips are listed below.

  • Attend lectures regularly
  • Participate in exercises (try to solve exercises independently beforehand)
  • Study continuously throughout the semester
  • Create study groups (keep in mind the size of the groups)
  • Ask if anything is unclear
  • Plan breaks
  • Prepare for exams early
  • create an atmosphere that is as distraction-free as possible

You can find a podcast on exam preparation at university here.

You can find more learning techniques and tips for exam preparation here.

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