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Business chemistry student council

A warm welcome!

Welcome to the website of the student council of business chemistry at Heinrich Heine University.

The student council is a body of 9 people elected by the students of business chemistry. The scope of duties includes:

  • Representation of students
  • Advising students
  • Mediation between students of our subject and all other instances of the university 
  • Participation in the student representatives' conference
  • First semester work
  • Organization of events (semester start party, winter party, ...)

Members of the current student council:

  • Mark Reuter (2nd bachelor semester)
  • Lisa-Marie Köppl (4th bachelor semester)
  • Simon Stock (4th bachelor semester)
  • Nevena Nikolić (6th bachelor semester)
  • Tarek Augustiniak (6th bachelor semester)
  • Aaron Riebling (6th bachelor semester)
  • Ole Schlottmann (8th bachelor semester)
  • Daniel Hommers (10th bachelor semester)
  • Vivien Deschka (master's degree)

Results of the student council elections

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