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Challenges in studying

Do you have questions about the study programme in business chemistry? Here you will find some questions and answers for prospective students and students of business chemistry.

Your question remains unanswered? Then please feel free to reach out to the contacts for the study programme in business chemistry. 

In the course of their studies, many students come to a point where they question the subject they have chosen, their studies or themselves. Whatever your reasons, it is good to seek information and support. Take your doubts seriously and discover possibilities and perspectives for yourself.

You will find a wealth of information, food for thought and competent contact persons for your questions here.

Further helpful links to, for example, experience reports and self-tests on the topic of doubts about your studies can be found here.

Problems in your studies can be of many kinds: The material is too difficult, the study load is too high, your own time management is not working or private matters are taking over - to name just a few. In all cases, it is important that you turn to suitable counselling services at an early stage.

HHU offers individual counselling, group services and helpful information.
If you have questions about your studies, the Student Counselling Service can be helpful. There you will find general counselling/coaching, psychological counselling and an overview of other counselling services.

Although there is no patent remedy for exam anxiety, you can actively deal with the situation and your feelings and thus decisively reduce your nervousness. Fundamental and helpful tips:

  • Prepare well for the exam situation
  • Counter your fear with rational arguments
  • Try to relax 
  • Seek active support
  • Seek professional help if necessary 

You can find the counselling services for students here.

The university radio station 97.1 has compiled some tips on the topic in the report "Study, sleep, get counselling - how to combat exam anxiety".

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