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Reasons to study in Düsseldorf

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf not only offers a large repertoire of more than 85 different courses of study, but also enjoys an excellent reputation due to its above-average number of collaborative research centres. With a total of over 35,000 students, HHU is one of the largest universities in Germany. Despite its size, teaching at HHU is characterized by a personalized approach that is geared to the needs of the students. This is not only appreciated by local students: Almost 4,000 students from a total of 129 countries come to Düsseldorf to study. HHU thus offers a very international environment with a wide range of cultural impressions. As a campus university "of short distances", all buildings including the University Hospital, specialist libraries and laboratories are centrally accessible.

However,  HHU is not the only reason to come to Düsseldorf to study. North Rhine-Westphalia's state capital is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany and is particularly successfully networked internationally. A large number of international companies are located both within the city and in the immediate vicinity, which means that the city offers an excellent job market. With a large selection of companies in the chemical industry and related sectors, the career prospects for graduates of the study course business chemistry are very good. However, Düsseldorf is not only a very successful business location, but also an exceptionally liveable region.

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