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Tips for starting your studies


Before the start of the lecture period

For a good start to your studies, we strongly recommend taking part in the introductory events (ESAG) of the business chemistry department. You can find details here

During the ESAG, you not only have the opportunity to get to know your future fellow students, but you will also receive helpful tips on studying from students of higher semesters (e.g. activation of the HHU ID, registration for events and exams, use of the HHU-Card).

Dare to approach other students, especially in the first few days. Especially at the start of the semester, everyone is new, which makes it easier to make contact. This way, you can already get to know interesting people during the ESAG, with whom you will spend a lot of time together during the lectures or while studying.

In addition, HHU offers refresher courses before you start your studies. Participation is voluntary. Experience has shown that the refresher courses in physics and mathematics are particularly helpful. 

The online bridge course in mathematics, which can be taken at any time, is also helpful for refreshing your knowledge of mathematics.

We also offer so-called orientation tutorials during the first semester. Here, experienced students (O-tutors) pass on their knowledge parallel to the lectures so that the first semester already runs optimally. The dates of the orientation tutorials are announced after the start of the lecture period.  

Furthermore, the checkliste for the start of  studies and the HHU-Ersti-Guide-App can make the start into your studies easier.

Further information on starting your studies can be found on the HHU homepage.


During the lecture period

The best prerequisite for successful study is regular and active attendance of lectures. Particularly during the Corona pandemic, this also means thoroughly reviewing the topics discussed there and continuously working on the assigned exercises.

Even though we strive for the highest possible proportion of face-to-face courses, many courses will also have to be held virtually. Especially in such courses, it is important to contact the lecturers in good time in case of difficulties in understanding or with questions.

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