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Final theses

The course of study is completed with a final thesis, which can be purely chemical or economic in nature or deal with topics at the interface between business administration and chemistry.

Bachelor and Master students at the HHU need to register online for their final thesis via the student portal. The first examiners selected in this process will have the opportunity to reject the students' application or to accept it and forward it online to the chairmen of the examination board (PAV). PAVs also have the possibility to reject or accept the application online. This procedure is intended to speed up the registration for the final thesis and thus reduce the workload of the parties involved, as some postal channels and on-site appointments in the Student and Examination Administration (SPV) are no longer necessary.

Before registering online in the portal, as has been the case up to now, a discussion about the intended registration should have already taken place with the desired first examiners.

After registering on the portal, students must regularly check their e-mail account at the university for information e-mails on the status of their registration, since the topics are also issued by e-mail.

In the following you will find step-by-step instructions for students to register their theses.

1. Submission of applications

In the student portal (https://sts.uni-duesseldorf.de) under the menu item "Examination registrations", students can now also fill out an application to register for a thesis (Bachelor or Master) online:

1.1 Review of the requirements

If there are requirements for the course of studies according to the examination regulations for the registration of a thesis, these will be checked in the next step.

Missing examination requirements will be listed after clicking on "Application for the registration of the thesis", e.g. if only "4 of 5 required modules have been passed".

If the requirements are missing, the application cannot be processed and sent off by the student. If, nevertheless, all examination prerequisites have already been fulfilled but are not displayed here, they are not yet stored in the examination database. In this case students can contact the Student and Examination Office or their first examiner.

1.2 Application form

If all requirements are met, students are asked to enter a topic or subject area and to select a first assessor. An editor is available for entering the title/topic area with special characters. A note for the first reviewer (e.g. the desired second reviewer or notes on agreements) as well as a specification of the title in English is optional.

After entering the required data, students submit the application and are reminded at this point that the topic output will be sent by e-mail.

The application is then forwarded electronically to the first reviewers. This is confirmed to the students by e-mail. In this e-mail, students are again asked to arrange a timely appointment with the intended first reviewer (if not already done) to discuss the topic of the thesis.

At the same time, the first assessor receives an e-mail about the application for registration of the thesis.

2. The processing of the application by the first assessor

The first assessor will now first check the application with regard to the title or proposed topic and possible comments from the student. If a personal discussion with the student has already taken place and the first assessor approves the application, he or she will forward the application for approval by the chairman of the examination board. The student will be informed about this by e-mail.

3. Processing of the request by the chairman of the examination board

The chairman of the examination board will first check all the details of the application. If approved, the thesis is registered in the examination database. At the same time, the examiners, the student and the student and examination administration receive a report with information about the examiners appointed by the chairman of the examination board, the title of the thesis and the deadline.

Issue of topics:
The previous collection of the topic from the SPV is not applicable. The e-mail that is sent to the students after the approval of the application by the PAV is the same as the classic topic issue.

Processing time:
As soon as the PAV has approved the application, the processing period for the thesis starts automatically.

Students should therefore regularly check their e-mail account to be informed about the current status of their application for registration of a thesis.

Submitting the thesis:
As before, the thesis is submitted in written and, if applicable, electronic form to the SPV, which forwards it to the reviewers.

Extension of the processing time:
If provided for by the examination regulations, this must be requested directly from the chairman of the examination board as before. As a rule, the first assessor must approve this.

Transmitting grades and reports:
After the grades and assessments have been received by the Student and Examination Office, they are displayed on the portal for the student, the assessors and the chairperson of the examination board.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the online procedure for registering a thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, please contact: 

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